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Still Life (2021)
producer, upright bass

Overdue Confession II (2021)
piano, organ

The Abe Mamet Trio (2021)
upright bass

In All Meridians (2021)
producer, upright bass, bass guitar

The Pride Album (2021)
producer, arranger, acoustic guitar, electric guitar

Overdue Confession (2021)

Post-Truth (2021)
bass guitar, composer

Sea Change (2020)
upright bass, piano, composer

Flit Feets (2020)
upright bass

Arson (2020)
bass guitar, composer

The Drag (2019)
upright bass, voice, bells, brushes, keyboards

Friendship Adventure (2019)

upright bass, bass guitar, composer

One for Air, Two For Ear (2019)
upright bass, amplifier

Greener Grasses (2019)
upright bass

Good Mood (2018)
upright bass


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